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Sergio Bustamante Large Noah's Ark BEFORE and AFTER

Sergio Bustamante Large Noah's Ark

Jeff to the rescue! I recently bought a beautiful Bustamante Ark from an Auction House. Much to my dismay, it arrived in pieces. I sent pictures of the mess to Jeff, and he said that he was willing to take it on.

A week later he started sending me pictures of the work in progress. Upon seeing those first pictures, I know that I had chosen the right person. Seeing the finished product in the pictures, I was impressed with his work.

Yesterday a crate arrived at my door. I promptly opened it to find a well-packed Ark in pristine, perfect condition. Thanks Jeff, for all your talent and hard work!

Brian Burleson

Bonita Springs, Florida
Designed for Jeff by Coconut BAM Productions
Sergio Bustamante Large Noah's Ark BEFORE and AFTER