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About Jeff

Jeff Meyer Art

Jeff Meyer has been a creative soul all of his life.

Since his teenage years, Jeff has been drawing or painting given every opportunity. His creativity started when he learned to mold and paint plaster figurines. While running his Chicago hair salon since his thirties, he was also restoring artwork. Now he’s restoring sculptures in Bonita Springs, Florida.

When Jeff was 22 years old, his artwork caught the eye of Grace Jones the acclaimed singer, songwriter and actress. She saw several of the portraits Jeff painted of her, and she asked to meet him. The excitement of this meeting and her encouragement to keep painting strengthened Jeff’s creative spark.

Grace Jones’s encouragement was
just the beginning for Jeff!


While vacationing in Acapulco in the early 1980s, Sergio Bustamante’s art caught Jeff’s eye. He fell in love with the famous artist’s surrealistic sculptures that filled Sergio Bustamante’s Gallery windows. It was then that Jeff started collecting the artist's work. His first piece was a life-size, ceramic Two-Headed Cat. Years later someone gave Jeff another Bustamante sculpture – IN PIECES.


The gift of a broken Sergio Bustamante sculpture was the beginning of a new career.

Professional Sculpture Restoration & Repair Artist

Jeff's expertise is restoring, reworking and hand-painting the following artwork:

  • Ceramic

  • Paper Mache 

  • Plaster

  • Resin

He also repairs select marble and stone pieces.

Sergio Bustamante, Marcus Pierson, Todd Warner and Carlos & Albert are Jeff's restoration specialties.

Naples Art

Member & Volunteer


Jeff repaired the broken Bustamante sculpture and showed off his first restoration to friends and hair clients. Through word of mouth, he started receiving requests to fix a variety of sculptures and figurines – including Bustamante’s artwork. His grateful friends and clients praised the beautiful results from Jeff’s restoration of their cherished pieces. They also promoted Jeff’s work, and his repair and restoration business quickly grew!

After several years of extensive restoration experience and given Jeff’s admiration of Bustamante, Jeff visited the artist’s hometown in Tlaquepaque, Mexico. There Jeff met the renowned artist and shared his extensive portfolio of repairs with Bustamante. Jeff later traveled to Mexico twice a year for four years to learn Bustamante's painting techniques from his assistants.

During his yearly visits to Bustamante’s studio,
Jeff immersed himself in learning

about the artist’s designs and production techniques.


Today Jeff has earned an excellent reputation as a professional sculpture repair and restoration specialist. He hand paints all of his work. He also offers Artisan Services for clients who need help arranging or hanging art in Naples, Bonita Springs and Fort Myers.


His extensive portfolio includes ceramic, marble, paper mache, plaster and resin art. You’ll see restorations of Bustamante’s artwork as well as Marcus Pierson’s and Carlos & Albert’s among many others.

Please visit the Restoration Process and Testimonial pages

in this portfolio website to view 

the BEFORE and AFTER pictures of Jeff’s stunning work.


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